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Introducing LocalPress 1.4.2 – With New Auto Update Notification & 2 New Demos

Introducing LocalPress 1.4.2 – With New Auto Update Notification & 2 New Demos

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Asaduzzaman Abir
·Jun 2, 2021·

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Table of contents

  • New Core Feature: Update Notification from WordPress Admin
  • New Demos
  • Final Words
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We promised you to give the best, local business theme, and that’s why we created the LocalPress theme. With the release of every update, we are adding new features, functionalities, demos, and bug fixes.

This time we have brought a brand new feature and two exclusive demos. This new feature will help you to update your theme without any worries and with two new demos, you got the option to create two different new websites.

Let’s check these feature and demos.

New Core Feature: Update Notification from WordPress Admin

We try to continuously add new features and functionalities in LocalPress and we will do it in the future also. Knowing the theme update news from the website is such a pain, therefore in LocalPress 1.4.2, we have added a new update notification system.

Now whenever an update will be released, the user will be notified from the dashboard. Afterward, he can remove the old version and install the latest version.

In this update process, no data or customization will be lost, everything will remain the same as it was before.

You might ask why the automatic update is not provided. Actually, we value our clients and we don’t want that someone uses LocalPress by making null copies (where you are paying money). Therefore we are not providing automatic updates.

New Demos

In this version, we have brought two brand new demos – Vacuum Cleaning Service and Carpet Cleaning Service. Earlier we had three other demos in these niches but there weren’t any specific demo for vacuum and carpet cleaning.

Therefore we brought these demos for you.

Vacuum Cleaning Service

If you have or going to start a vacuum cleaning service then this demo is just made for you. Highlight your service, describe what you do, showcase your works easily with help of the vacuum cleaning service demo of LocalPress.


From top to bottom every section in this demo is built with your requirements in mind. You will find the entire demo fully responsive. No matter which device your visitors use to visit your website, they will always find your website perfect on any display.

Check Demo

Carpet Cleaning Service

Give a fresh cleaning to all the dirty carpets with help of Carpet cleaning service demo of LocalPress. This demo will help you to tell your service better to your visitors. We understand your website needs, and in the exact way, we designed this demo.

localpress_carpet _cleaning_demo

There is not a single in where you can complain about. Besides the whole demo is fully responsive.

Check Demo

Final Words

Hope these new demos and feature will be helpful for your website. If you have any suggestions feel free to provide us. We will take it with importance. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments box below.

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