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Introducing LocalPress 1.5: White Labeling, Limit Access, Call Popup, New Options Panel & Significant Improvements

Introducing LocalPress 1.5: White Labeling, Limit Access, Call Popup, New Options Panel & Significant Improvements

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Asaduzzaman Abir
·Sep 28, 2021·

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With every passing day we have moved on, we haven’t stopped due to pandemic or any other reason. Today I am proud to present you LocalPress 1.5. The entire theme is redesigned and rebuilt from the scratch. We have brought major updates in the core along with some features and functionalities. And of course some new demos too.

We have implemented these features and functionalities so that you can enjoy your work. Let’s check these features, demos, and everything else in this updated version.

New Features

White Labeling

You might not know what is white labeling, therefore I am going to describe it first. White label branding is the power that allows you to rename and represent a product as your own. You will be able to name it, describe it, and represent it in the way you like.

This option is very much helpful when you are doing work for the client and don’t want to reveal the name of the theme.

In LocalPress White labeling is one of the most anticipated features. With the agency subscription of LocalPress 1.5, you will be able to enjoy this feature. To enjoy this feature, you won’t need any additional plugins.

To enjoy this option in LocalPress, enable White Labeling from the theme options. Then provide theme name, Theme description, Theme variation, Theme author name, and other basic theme fields. When you click the save button every detail of the theme will be changed.

In summary with the White labeling feature of LocalPress, you will be able to

  • Add your own branding name in the theme admin area

  • Add custom theme name

  • Add custom author name

  • Add custom theme URL

  • Add custom theme description

  • Add custom theme screenshot

New Options Panel & Plugin Installation option

In LocalPress 1.5 new options panel is added with new features and customization settings. Every option comes with detailed settings so that you can customize even further and use the functionalities that you wish for.

From now on plugin will be only recommended to install if it is required. We know that plugins make your website slow and we are trying our best so that your website runs smoothly. Therefore LocalPress will not recommend you to install any unnecessary plugins.

Limit Access

Limit Access feature is very much handy for agency users who need to restrict access for their users. With the Limit Access feature, you will easily restrict any portion and limit your user in the way you want. With this feature, you will be able to make bill-specific work and your client won’t be able to make any changes.

With this feature, you will be able to hide LocalPress, Elementor, WordPress, Theme, Plugin, User, and Tools settings.

But before you hide the LocalPress settings, make sure you copy and save the specific URL at a safe place otherwise at a later time you won’t be able to access LocalPress settings.

Call Popup

If you love the interaction on your page then the Call popup is one of the essential features that you have been waiting for in your website. Your visitors will be able to call you or contact you through email with a single click. Suppose you are running a pizza store and you have this feature enabled on your website. This feature will help you to call you or contact you and fewer customers will return from your website.

If your visitor is in the phone then this feature will use the default dialer app to call in the specified number and if in a computer then it will use the configured app. If you don’t need a calling option then you can use this pop-up button for contacting. With a single click on this button, the contact form will be open and anyone will be sent their message in a jiffy.

You will be able to enable this feature from the theme option. In the action field you must choose how you like to use this feature (cal popup or go to URL). There is a lot of customization options like text, icon, style, background, animation, etc. After all its your theme and you are free to customize it in the way you like.

New Demos

Home Security System Layout

If you are doing home security system business then this is the perfect layout for you. In this layout, you will be able to highlight your security system. It comes with a dark mode layout that is sure to attract the eyesight of your visitor. You will be able to highlight all your security features.

Its services section will allow you to describe your services in a well manner. You will also be able to show your testimonials so that they feel confident in taking your service. Besides it includes about us, services overview, pricing plans, team, contact us, map, and footer section.

Check Demo

Financial Planning Layout

Boost your financial business with the Financial Planning layout of LocalPress. This layout’s intelligent sections will help you to attract your clients easily. You will be able to make your client understand easily about your financial service. In the services section, you will be able to describe your services with short details.

Check Demo

HVAC Service Layout

In our daily life, we all need HVAC service, sometimes we don’t find the right one due to not finding a proper website. If you are providing HVAC services then you can organize and explain your services better with the HVAC service layout of LocalPress. From this layout, one will easily check your services and get an appointment.

The layout helps you to describe your service with proper image placement and short text. It has a Client review section, which will motivate your visitors to take your service. There is also a contact us, map, team, services section in this layout.

Check Demo

Pest Control Service Layout

Provide pest control service to more people from your website. Just use the pest control layout of LocalPress theme. You won’t have to design or create any sections, everything is done for you by professionals.

Your visitors will be able to easily find solutions to their problems and take appointments from your website. It describes all of your services with a book now button in each.

Check Demo

Tax Service Layout

Provide tax-related services to your clients with the Tax Service layout of LocalPress. You might find it difficult to find tax-related theme, besides it would be very much expensive too. This layout will provide you an easy solution to all your problems. It comes with an easy appointment service so that your client can take your appointment on a specific date.

No matter which type of tax service you provide, you will always be able to describe your service with the tax service layout.

Check Demo

Local SEO Service Layout

If you are planning to provide SEO service or already doing SEO-related business then this layout can be very much handy to you. It describes about all your SEO-related services in the standard way. You won’t have to worry about the design, as it is handled by professionals.

From top to bottom everything is fully responsive. It comes with a pleasant pricing section that describes about the pricing of your service. Overall this layout will help you to enhance your SEO service-providing business.

Check Demo

Performance Update & Bug Fix

In this version, we have brought many performance updates and bug fixes. Telling all about it is not possible but I believe that you will feel the difference when you install the latest version or update LocalPress to the 1.5 version.

And I forget to mention, Localize feature is now more updated therefore LocalPress is going to support your favorite language without any worries. Your visitors will be able to see your website in their desired languages.

Final words

Hope these changes make your day good and help you to make a wonderful website. If you need any help or have any queries feel free to ask at the support box or through the comment box below.

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